Board of Directors

Our Officers

David M Shearer, MD – President

Steve Pope – Vice President

Dorothy M Shearer, MS, RN – Secretary, Treasurer


David M. Shearer, MD

See Bio under Founder tab.

Steven Pope

Steven Pope is Founder of Pope and Associates, LLC., which  serves entrepreneurs by facilitating the four stages of business ownership: evaluating; entering; enhancing; and exiting.

Mr. Pope is the principal owner of Pope and Associates which is a mid-market merger and acquisition firm specializing in businesses from $1-50 million in assets.  His areas of skill include business enhancement, evaluation, organizational development, marketing and systems implementation. He holds national certifications as a Primary Business Consultant (PBC), Machinery and Equipment Analyst (MEA), and Senior Business Analyst (SBA).  In addition to having more than 30 years of business experience, Steven owned and operated a highly successful service company. This three divisional company stood as a leader in the industry. He also partnered with The Center for Disease Control, major chemical companies, and various state agencies for industry related research projects. Steven has received more than seven different certifications from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Dorothy M Shearer, MS, RN

Through proven targeted organizational management, leadership and effective communication emphasizing quality, effectiveness and standards Ms. Shearer has been able to achieve company quality/performance improvement goals and objectives.  And so, in a high performance culture spanning hospital, community, corporate, and academic organizations, she has led teams that supported individuals, managers, executives, the corporation as a whole-and most importantly the key stakeholders, whose service experiences were measurably improved through the implementation of these forward-thinking strategies.  By the way of streamlining work flow utilizing Lean Six Sigma Principles she has improved revenue, increased productivity, and enhanced team morale.  Added management responsibilities include supervising forty-five employees, improving health and productivity of 1800 employees and managing $1.5M projects.  Furthermore, through Root Cause Analysis and clinical consultation she has developed best practices.

Likewise, Ms. Shearer has developed and implemented preventative outreach/marketing and teaching curriculums for multi-cultural and underserved customer populaces that greatly improved self-care across life span and point-of-care services.  She is published and has presented to many national, professional and community organizations, participated in writing, editing and proofreading of medical documents, appeared on the radio and a key note speaker.

Special Thanks to Our Former Board of Directors

Thomas Gerson, MBA

Don Janezic, MBA

Richard A. Lutes, MD

Stanley S. Katz, PhD

Michael Kinch, PhD

Marcus (Marc) Wacker