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  • [Free Webinar] 10 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends to Prioritize in 2023 September 25, 2022
    At the end of each year, Nonprofit Tech for Good suggests which digital marketing and fundraising trends nonprofits should prioritize in the following year . In 2023, traditional digital marketing and fundraising strategies, such as email marketing and monthly giving programs will continue to perform well, but new social media platforms and fundraising tools will […]
  • 4 Types of Donor Personas for Effective Nonprofit Fundraising September 16, 2022
    Ask any nonprofit fundraiser if he or she wants to increase the results of their fundraising efforts and you’ll get a resounding “yes”! The next question, of course, is how? The answer is in understanding your goal and audience, and then matching your pitch to the prospect. In other words, you create donor journeys.  If […]
  • 5 Simple Steps to Take Right Now to Plan Your 2023 Golf Fundraiser September 8, 2022
    If your nonprofit is thinking about planning a golf fundraiser in 2023—whether it’s a brand new event or an established tournament—there are a few simple steps to take right now to make sure your outing is set up for success. 1. Start With Technology The right technology tools are key to easy planning and successful […]
  • 94 Free or Low-Cost Tools and Resources for Nonprofits September 5, 2022
    Provided you set aside the time to explore and experiment, your nonprofit can use the free or low-cost tools and resources listed below to significantly improve your digital marketing and fundraising campaigns. Websites & Email 1. Google Analytics :: analytics.google.com Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports […]
  • [Free Webinar] Finding Your First 100 Donors: Donor Acquisition for New Nonprofits September 2, 2022
    You’ve probably heard how important individual donors are to the sustainability of your nonprofit organization. For an early-stage organization, though, knowing how to get started can feel like an overwhelming task. In this free webinar, you’ll better understand why individual donors are important to your mission, where to find prospects, how to get your first […]
  • Nonprofit Volunteer Management: Three Tips to Increase and Maintain Engagement August 29, 2022
    Volunteers are a lifeline for many nonprofits. More than 10.4 million volunteers are currently needed to support nonprofits (VolunteerMatch). And the current estimated national value of each volunteer hour is $29.95 (Independent Sector). Let’s do the math and make a conservative estimate. If every needed volunteer contributed just one hour each week, that time could […]
  • [Free Webinar] The Giving Tuesday Cheat Sheet for Nonprofits August 25, 2022
    Last year, 35 million people and 80 countries participated in Giving Tuesday, and these numbers are steadily increasing each year. When the big day is over, more than one-third of annual giving happens in December alone. This presents an amazing opportunity for any size nonprofit to enter the New Year with new relationships, new insight […]
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  • Tom Peterson’s new book: Want to Change the World? Accelerate Your Nonprofit or Cause September 6, 2022
        New book from Tom Peterson Stakeholder Press $16.99   Click HERE to Order   Democracy at risk. Last chance to save the world. Enormous gap between the ultra-rich and billions of struggling people. Huge needs in every community. In Want to Change the World Tom Peterson celebrates the giant Movement that is taking on […]
  • People of Heart August 5, 2019
          By Tom Peterson Just as our most-important muscle, the heart, pumps oxygen and nutrients to the cells in our body, another heart supplies life to our communities. You see this heart in what a people do, especially how they treat others. Acts of heart are often unnoticed: speaking kind words to a lonely […]
  • Can 26 lead soldiers conquer the world? July 14, 2019
      “Give me twenty-six lead soldiers and I will conquer the world.”   By Tom Peterson What is the most powerful human force? Some say it’s reason, some say love, some say cooperation. They all depend on communication. So does your cause. Having a great message is not enough, you also need a way to […]
  • The Power of Stories July 11, 2019
              By Tom Peterson Storytelling is an ancient art. It’s what makes us human. And stories are the building blocks of culture. Because they speak to our emotions they are the heart of an effective message. They resonate. Get to know the power of stories. They can move the rest of […]
  • Marketing Mix: the 4 P’s June 20, 2019
            By Tom Peterson Not too long ago many nonprofits looked askance at the idea of marketing. In the mid-nineties, an organization I worked with was raising about $3 million a year from what we would today call marketing. Some colleagues—particularly Michael Cervino, who had helped grow Habitat for Humanity—and I had […]
  • Positive deviance can reveal extraordinary solutions June 5, 2019
                  By Tom Peterson Maybe there are a few oddballs doing something right. And maybe they can point the way for the rest of us. In facing a tough social challenge positive deviance tells us to look for any outliers who may be like everyone else but who found […]
  • This campaign to save a library in Troy, Michigan May 23, 2019
        The post This campaign to save a library in Troy, Michigan appeared first on Thunderhead Works.
  • Find and keep talent, avoid “normal” people March 6, 2019
    By Tom Peterson If you happen to be in a role of hiring staff, key volunteers or outside vendors consider that every position you get is a precious gift. A cause’s most valuable asset is its collection of people, so a leader’s top job is find and keep the most insanely talented folks possible. Most […]
  • What Insanity? The Urgency of World Change February 18, 2019
    By Tom Peterson Every year Oxfam reports on the massive gap between the world’s super-rich and the poor. In 2017 the report named just eight men—Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg—who have more wealth than the poorest half of people on earth. Some […]
  • The many hats of world changers February 10, 2019
      By Tom Peterson Do you see yourself in here? You are needed. No matter who you are you have some gifts, some talents, some skills to lend to some cause. Look for yourself in the following list: The one with ideas, with creativity. The one who can borrow an idea they saw somewhere else. […]