PGA Tour For Therapeutic Research Foundation

Dear Friends:

The TRF has participated in the Travelers Championship Birdies for Charity program since 2015! Birdies for Charity is a pledge-based fundraising program built on the number of birdies (I.E. a birdie is a score of one stroke better than par) made by PGA Tour professionals during the Travelers Championship. For example a $0.02 pledge would equal $36.00 if 1800 birdies were made. You can make a flat rate donation of at least $10.00 too! The Travelers Championship will donate 100% of the proceeds from your donation to the Therapeutic Research Foundation.

Your donation can help us receive extra funds too! Each organization that raises money through Birdies for Charity program will receive a 15% bonus on top of pledges collected.

In our continued effort to develop innovative, affordable, and therapeutic medical solutions to address unmet global health needs, the TRF serves as a scientific platform for collaboration and a bridge between academia and industry. “Doing Science for the Right Reasons”™.

I hope you, your family and friends will support the TRF and make a pledge today by filling out your contact information form and follow the prompts as directed on our pledge website below:

You may also donate make a donation to the Therapeutic Research Foundation by accessing the Travelers Championship website ( and selecting Therapeutic Research Foundation from the drop down menu of charity names.

Thank you for your Support.