Our Vision

The perspective and mission of the Therapeutic Research Foundation, Inc., a 501 (3) c, non-profit, biotechnology company, is to develop innovative, affordable, and therapeutic medical solutions to address the unmet global health needs of all people. With the help of strategic alliances and partnerships within the industry, and the strength and giving of the people and philanthropists alike, TRF plans to enter into a new frontier of research and development.

We are unique in our platform and streamlined approach to research and development making access to otherwise untouchable therapies. We re-invest surplus monies back into the non-profit company to facilitate true research efforts and help those in need.

Examples of drugs with limited profit margins

  1. Drugs off patent in a new indication (repurposing)
  2. Drugs available that cannot be patented
  3. Drugs which have been abandoned or prematurely stopped in development


Examples of treatments with limited profit margins

  1. Innovative new concepts
  2. Nutritional treatments for disease
  3. Adjunct therapies combined with drugs.
  4. Medical devices, aids and other treatment modalities