Our Story

Dr. Shearer was speaking with a Vietnam veteran diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, who was given 3 months to live and was very depressed, secondary to so few options being available to him in the current medical spectrum. Dr. Shearer, CEO began looking for other possibilities and discovered the availability of compounds, medical devices and aids that had not been developed by the research and development community for multiple reasons (eg- strategy, lack of revenues). 

As a result, Dr. Shearer established a 501 (3) c, non-profit biotechnology company which started in April, 2012 in order to in order to move safe and efficacious medicines, devices and aids ‘off the shelf’ and into the hands of the people who need them most. In addition, the TRF bridges the gap between the laboratory, academia and approval, via necessary research and development (inclusive of re-purposing for new indications). 

We highly recommend that you get involved with our programs in order that these therapies be developed and provided to the people who desperately need them at affordable costs.