About Us

The Therapeutic Research Foundation, Inc. (TRF), a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, serves the public to address unmet needs in health care by researching, developing and providing innovative treatment solutions at the lowest possible costs. The ultimate goals of this foundation are to facilitate the development and distribution of products (eg. medicines, therapeutic devices and aids) to those in dire need, advancing scientific and mechanistic understanding of human disease processes. TRF will further bridge the existing gap between academic research programs and commercial development companies (pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries). This effort will substantially increase research and development options which would otherwise not be available for: proof-of-concept studies, “orphan” medication and re-purposing, and medical device/aid development, which are commonly abandoned because of the perceived ‘lack of profit’ by industry.  The humanitarian approach of TRF will result in an increased number of approved drugs and devices/aids, yielding enormous potential for health benefits to the worldwide public sector for years to come.  TRF re-invests its net revenues back into the non-profit company to facilitate true research efforts and help those in need, who would otherwise not be treated.