TRF is a unique, 501 (3) c, non-profit biotechnology company (one of only a few in the US) creating effective, affordable and sustainable medical solutions. Our mission is to solve unmet healthcare needs together. Over the course of the next several years, until TRF is financially self-sustainable, we will engage philanthropic partners (individuals, foundations, corporations, and government entities), and social investors to support our work.

Commercial revenue is a means of achieving our mission, not our motive; we are focused on bringing life-changing healthcare products to as many people as possible. The model we are creating will allow us to listen and respond to unmet medical needs, particularly in those clinical  areas where the impact will be most profound. The revolutionary model of TRF will cycle revenues right back into the company to continue meeting these needs rather than disbursing profits among shareholders and investors.

There is a serious need to bring access and effective healthcare solutions to people who desperately need them.  TRF seeks to establish partnerships and alliances where needed to facilitate the design, development and distribution of targeted products to address these compelling needs.